Floyd Mayweather for MAXIM.

by Tim Soter

I spent eight hours with Floyd Mayweather running around NYC while Floyd bought a $30,000 chain, stopped into Hot97 and dropped by BET.  And the bank.  Oh… the bank.  Mayweather tends to keep a lot of cash on hand.

We rode around in Cadillac Escalades all adorned with the TMT (“The Money Team”) logo.  The security guard who I rode along with was probably 6′ 11” and I wouldn’t dare guess what he weighed.  He would just become a wall as we entered different buildings, blocking fans from grabbing at Mayweather.  When we’d get inside he’d flop in a chair and immediately fall asleep within seconds, snoring loudly.  He was like something out of a fable.  Then he would be awoken for the exit out.  When we got into the car near the end of the day, food came for the crew (I hadn’t been asked.)  He opened up, turned to me and offered me some first.  A gentle giant.

Thanks to Andrea and Stacey for a fun shoot, reportage’ my absolute favorite.
Check out the six page spread in this month’s issue of Maxim!