by Tim Soter

Photos and audio from a recent visit to Toto, the manhattan karaoke den in Koreatown on 32nd street.  As mentioned before in a previous post I’m still enamored with my Sony audio recorder, the sound is so clear that the embarrassment is in 3D.  Still…

Dont Speak

The Boy With the Thorn in his Side

Biggest Part of Me

I chose these three tracks to post because one performance is done with the sweetness of a teenager in her bedroom, another from a hardcore fan… who also practiced way too much in his high school bedroom.  Lastly, a track that two men should never attempt.  These MP3s are best heard downloaded and in the closeness of headphones.  Again (if you’re a New Yorker) I encourage you to listen while on the subway because there’s something about listening to an ambient recording of an environment when you’re trapped on a train full of people who all pretending to ignore each other.

PS:  If you hear people reacting to something other than the performance, for some reason Toto was broadcasting a Celine Dion concert as the background visuals for the entire second half of the night.  Psychedelically distracting.