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Month: April, 2009

World of Darkness.

World of Darkness – Bronx Zoo – (1969 – 2009) This week after forty years, the World of Darkness exhibit at the Bronx Zoo was permanently closed. The World of Darkness, designed by Morris Ketchum, Jr. & Associates, opened in 1969 on the site where the zoo’s Rocking Stone restaurant stood until 1942.  The exhibit […]


Shot in Florida in 2001 with an Olympus Stylus Epic.

Throbbing Gristle.

I had the pleasure of seeing Throbbing Gristle play their first ever NYC performance a few nights ago.  Brief explanation, Throbbing Gristle, who formed in 1975 and last toured the US (West Coast only) in 1981, “pioneered industrial music; exploring death, mutilation, fascism, and degradation amid a thunderous cacophony of mechanical noise, tape loops, extremist […]


Photos and audio from a recent visit to Toto, the manhattan karaoke den in Koreatown on 32nd street.  As mentioned before in a previous post I’m still enamored with my Sony audio recorder, the sound is so clear that the embarrassment is in 3D.  Still… Dont Speak The Boy With the Thorn in his Side […]

Duane Michals.

Yesterday, invited in by Brad Paris, I talked to a class at FIT.  Normally I would just give a little background about myself and how I arrived at photography, then roll right into my portfolio complete with the anecdotes about the shoots.  I decided to start off differently this time, and at the risk of […]

Art Warehouse.

These are photos made for Bloomberg Markets for a story on art warehouses in New York City.  Bloomberg Markets are one of my favorite clients, they give me a lot of creative freedom to illustrate their stories and I’m truly always excited to be commissioned to make the accompanying art.  Thanks goes out to Eric, […]