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Month: May, 2009


It is, however, a difficult time to keep this (and other) processes consistent. Fuji Frontier machines are few and far between, and they’re the best 4×6 print machines that are available as far as I can tell.  Instead of getting true photographic Type C prints from The Fuji Frontier machine however, it actually does a […]


This work (see previous post) was shot with no preconceived or previsioned notion of the work’s purpose, who the viewer/audience was or what the end goal would be.  I recently spent two straight weeks editing six full boxes of 4×6 prints and their accompanying negatives.  I’ve done a rough edit, narrowing selects down to approximately […]

The Process.

The process is as follows. I carry around an Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm film camera, loaded with Fuji 400 Superia negative film, and I keep it in a waterproof ziplock baggie with one extra roll. I look when I’m walking around.  I keep me eyes open, but in a relaxed way, it’s not a hunt […]