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Month: September, 2009


Some last moments of summer, captured up on Croton-on-Hudson.


I put together a new site, The Ship Escaped.com, which features the work that I’ve been calling ‘The Process’ here.  Please do visit, you’ll find work there that you haven’t seen before on this blog.  Feedback welcome and encouraged, thanks for looking.

The Process … PART VII

A very recent photo.  The lab technician made some sort of sloppy error, fogging the first few frames of the film… if you look closely you can see some brushstokes of red, which I enjoy, an accidental nod to the properties of film.  The print of it has wonderful subtleties that don’t come through in […]


Personally, this is one of the most important photographs I’ve ever made.  I took this eight years ago at a moment (and I really mean an instant) when I realized that I was indeed an adult, responsible for the direction and scope of my life.  As a disclaimer, it’s not like I was into anything […]


Over the holiday weekend, midday at a bar near the Gowanus canal, after five tries, I got a sequence I was happy with.  I have never enjoyed gambling in any form, but I knew I got off easy at only $15.  I would have spent every dollar I had. Richard Avedon had this to offer […]


I’ve been avoiding (delaying really) an important part of the process.  The Print.  I’ve made some test scans of two negatives and had one printed at 13″x19″ but wasn’t entirely happy with the results.  The color and feel of the digital enlargement hasn’t reached the quality of the original 4″x6″ C-print.  Avoidance is a close […]