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Month: October, 2009


The evaluation begins when I take the 4×6 prints just outside the lab on 22nd street, to be viewed in natural light.  I do a quick shuffle looking for a hit, a photo worthy to join the others that have made it to the final edit.  It’s honestly crushing when there isn’t one in there, […]

Florida houses.

I could see myself holed up in the geodesic fortress above except it’s not in the woods of Pennsylvania, it’s in Florida so… best just to leave it as a photo.  The house below isn’t my style but I do enjoy the idea of coming home to a front lawn that’s intentionally overgrown.  This house […]

Evil shack.

Shot out in Amagansett, NY on the relaxing property of photo editor Michelle Egiziano.  Thanks to Jonathan for his arm.

The Ship Escaped … update

The Ship Escaped website is now expanded with new work, please go take a look. Great seeing everybody (and such an amazing variety of books and materials) at the NY Book Fair at PS1.

The Process … PART IX

This gem came in the roll I processed this week, it goes well with the other work in this series and I’m always happy if there’s one shot like that on the roll.  Doesn’t always happen.  These images aren’t things that I can find, they just have to be in range, sending out the vibe.  […]