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Month: December, 2009

Happy new year.

The process … “just one”

There is a segment in the documentary ‘William Eggleston In the Real World’ (if I’m not confusing this with an article that I’ve read, instead of the documentary) where a student stands up and asks him, “do you take several photos of the (portrait, object or landscape) you’re shooting, or just one?”   Eggleston pauses and […]

Merry Christmas, etc.

My resolution for the new decade is to truly accept some of the chaos which no one can control.  Bend like the reed and make mistakes.  The key to better photography and a happier life. Best to everyone in the New Year!

The process … fences and gates

Since editing and compiling The Ship Escaped, I’ve continued to shoot in the same style, while really evaluating and determining the works’ meaning.  In so doing I’ve realized that all of these images are self-portraits and there’s really a lot to be said for that.  In describing the entire body of work I would say […]

“Boobies at the museum” – The constant elevation of amateurs.

I read a story on the PDN blog about an “artist” who takes photographs “(capturing) unaware New Yorkers during very private, very intimate times in their day, all played out in front of their apartment windows…”  I see this coverage as a trend that is not going away.  The press prefers to acknowledge the low-shock […]

The Moment after the moment.

Just a quick thought about technological photographic developments and their relationship to the History of Photography.  I all but stopped using a digital point and shoot because of the delay the shutter often had when I was shooting moving subjects, indoors usually, with flash.  I would press the shutter, FIRMLY mashing it down with my […]