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Month: April, 2010

100 people in 10 minutes.

Last year I had an assignment for Billboard, shooting a reportage’ story involving fifteen EMI songwriters collaborating in a studios, literally writing the next big radio/internet hits.  Totally fun being a fly on that wall, even the phrases that they wrote in my presence got stuck in my head.  Things like, “You’re freaking me ow-out, […]

The process – Roll #63294 (B)

I do really enjoy my Italian neighborhood here in Brooklyn; I could shoot for weeks within a five block radius.  I’m sure fellow photographer James Mahon is missing the local hospitaliano just a bit (though he found an absolutely beautiful house.) ABOVE: As protected as your house can get apparently.

The process – Roll #63294 (A)

Dancing With the Stars.

I shot a story that is running in the April issue of Maxim, on the newsstand now.   The editors of the magazine were given dance lessons by Cheryl Burke (above) from Dancing With the Stars; the whole thing was exactly as fun as it sounds. Wait, actually you can SEE how fun it was […]

Chris Knox

ABOVE:  Chris Knox playfully wrestles with an oatmeal cookie (pre-stroke.) Chris Knox, the pride of New Zealand, is one talented songwriter.  Do a quick search and find some material to listen to; perhaps the best song to enter in on might be “Not Given Lightly” though hardcore fans might argue that.  He had a stroke […]