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Month: August, 2010

I’m off to Florida.

I return Friday September 3, so much fauna and flora to photograph.

The Process – CITY ISLAND

x ABOVE: Two photos from a recent day out at City Island. BELOW: A photo of a page from William Eggleston’s most latest book, ‘Paris.’  I would really enjoy a day shooting in the same vicinity and discussing the results over bourbon a few days later.  We could at least discuss the power of the […]


While in the ICP gift shop recently I saw the cover of Jonnie Craig’s book (Morel books) and was thinking about the story behind it.  The story behind it was probably a lot less interesting than the photo, perhaps even a logical situation.  It’s the answer.  The photo, as photos go, is out of context.  […]

Ford Fiesta campaign: Seattle, WA

I recently got back from a trip to Seattle, WA  shooting the second city (of three) for the Ford Fiesta campaign for Taow Marketing.  Seattle is … a treat.  Each time I’ve been there I’ve had nothing but cloudless 80F days – I’m beginning to think that the stories about the rain are just a […]