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Month: January, 2011


I wanted to take this time to formally draw to a close (put an end) to the writings about The Process.  After the last Process post I realized that I care less and less about what camera I’m using and have learned to adapt.  A trade-off to the surprise of getting 36 4×6 prints from […]

Framed work at Oslo.

I have some framed work up at Oslo again, so if you’re in Brooklyn swing by, enjoy the best espresso in New York and take a look.  The Williamsburg Bridge is the theme of this group show; I haven’t seen it yet myself, I was last there to drop off the work and pick up […]

Teaching photography at FIT.

Somehow in the midst of all I was up to this past Fall (into Winter,) I neglected to mention that I was teaching Intro to Digital Photography to freshman students at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  My first time teaching and the cliche’ is true, I’m sure I learned more than the students.  Don’t tell […]