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Month: February, 2011

Wall Street Journal … Louis XIII event.

I just shot an event, a cognac tasting and dinner for Wall Street Journal.  Allow me to say I love shooting events!  People are well aware that part of the reason they’re there is to be photographed.  No one cares that I’m the fly on the wall who’s strobe occasionally goes off and it gives […]

And now… a visual pause from the heaviness.

Monkey; Dorney Park Amusement Park, Allentown, PA

Advice to students (and then back to myself.)

I saw a post by Julian Richards this morning and felt a rush coinciding with my first sip of espresso. “So our new speciality (why does Apple want me to spell that without a second ‘i’?) is ‘the entire issue’. Henrik shoots the well for PRINT, including the men from Athletics eating Chinese on their […]

Michael Schmelling spoke at SVA.

Photographer Michael Schmelling spoke last night at SVA with ClampArt director Brian Paul Clamp and presented a somewhat comprehensive overview of his work to date.  I first met Michael when I was a somewhat frustrated photo editor (frustrated because I really wanted to be shooting full time) at FHM magazine, back in 2001. He brought […]

Natasha Bedingfield

I had fun kicking off Fashion Week here in New York at the Red Dress gala; I was assigned to shoot behind-the-scenes of singer Natasha Bedingfield for Coke. She looked great, especially on film – fair skin and strobe… one of the best matches since bicycle wheels became even in size. Plus she seemed to […]

Death Race – shot for OUTSIDE magazine

I’ve just updated my site with a story I shot for Outside magazine on the Death Race.  Billed as a cross between  “Survivor” and “Jackass” the Death Race is a grueling endurance marathon so brutal, that entrants are required to sign a fatality waiver beforehand.  The three-word waiver reads, “I might die”  and entrants are […]

Austin, TX.

I just got back from a fantastic week in Austin, with a bonus extended stay due to a flight cancellation (thanks, crazy North Eastern weather.)  This city’s warm tendrils have lured many New Yorkers to full time relocation and the appeal is visible in every direction.  I could see myself submitting.