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Month: April, 2011

Central Park flower beard.

I spontaneously made this photo in the park this week.  I took about twelve more slight variations on this theme, very quickly in succession, but this was the first one that I made.  I couldn’t see exactly how it was being framed so I was just kind of winging it. When I got back home […]

Fort Leonard Wood.

I put together a selection of photos from the story I shot for MAXIM on Ft. Leonard Wood, an Army base in Missouri. See them at TimSoter.com > Reportage > Ft Leonard Wood

Major print campaign for Starbucks!

Friday I shot 5 different print ads for a summer campaign for Starbucks.  More details to follow once the ads launch!


Just posting these from my 2008 trip, in light of the current climate.  I found the Syrians that I met to be educated, Pro-American and good conversationalists.  Women walked the streets of Aleppo, some covered in abayas and some in bedazzled Western-style jeans.  I loved playing ball with the kids and I loved 103F dry […]