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Month: May, 2011

Starbucks campaign!

Very happy to announce that these are in print in the June issues of GQ and Glamour!  These portrait shoots were nothing but fun and as I said to the client, anytime I get to tell bad jokes to models in order to get the right reaction… THAT is my favorite job.  There are still […]

Archive Photos.

ABOVE:  Jacqueline Kennedy, vintage print Today I offer up a little bit of New York City photo history.  After moving to NYC right out of college back in 1994, Archive Photos was the first “real” job I worked at.  As the name suggested, Archive Photos was a physical archive of vintage photos that magazines, book […]

Classic NYC.

Classic New York environment.  The first shot I took (BELOW) intrigues me, but the shot above is the one. Walked past this morning and the jacket is gone, perhaps the owner’s at work.  If only we could hang our jackets up outside.