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Month: November, 2011

Raunchy dancefloor in Philly.

It’s important to note, this woman was not on fire.  How did you spend your Thanksgiving night?

Arthur Tress portrait.

Above, an Arthur Tress diamond portrait – a scan of a negative shot with a Hasselblad. This was shot the day Tress and I spent shooting.  We were talking, walking along 10th Ave in Chelsea near the galleries, when he stopped me and positioned me in this scene.  He arranged my hands in this manner […]

Mystery location.

A few photos from this weekend’s assignment.  More after it’s published.


New promo.  Come invite me in and I’ll bring it, some stories and maybe some coffee for us both!  I guarantee that it looks way better than these photos of it on my kitchen floor.  I… am not known for my still lifes.

Better light.

Just some better quality of light to meditate on since it’s 5:14 pm… and already pitch black.