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Month: February, 2012

Bleeker Bob’s, NYC.

Bleeker Bob’s is a classic NYC record shop which is sadly set to close down for good in two months.  What will be lost is a retail environment offering a true sense of discovery – you never know what relic you might find in there – today I happened to be on that street and […]

Valentine’s Day.

Minka and Diane Von F.

Last night I witnessed a limited engagement performance (shown to an audience of about eight people) of Diane Von Furstenberg rethinking the strap of Minka Kelly‘s dress.  Diane asked, “Ziss way or the other way?” after tying and untying both options- she then let us vote.  Best two minutes of the evening. And the start […]

Groundhog lady.

One Summer when I was growing up in Schnecksville, PA my family went on a two and a half hour trip to see the “Groundhog Lady.”  Jesse Nissley lived in Lancaster County, PA and was a wonderful, eccentric, god fearing (and truthfully, probably lonely) woman who had literally turned her house into a groundhog museum.  […]