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Month: August, 2012

The misty end of Summer…

Shoot for Mental Floss magazine.

Fun shoot for Mental Floss magazine at the Anheuser Busch brewery in Newark, NJ.                                                     Nothing like drinking a beer that’s about two hours old.  Fresh!

Skaneateles, NY.

Coney Island Museum.

Brooklyn Summer is winding down, perhaps you still have time to visit the Coney Island Museum.  Great exhibit upstairs and a great bar downstairs.  You’ve got nothing to lose! The last photo in this series is of an old shooting gallery that was literally hidden behind the scenes of a current arcade.  No longer in […]

Brooklyn Magazine : McCarren Pool Portraits

Brooklyn Magazine is featuring a wider edit of my photos, along with an edit of an essay I wrote to accompany them. Here’s the unedited essay, written this past Sunday, poolside… The pool is beautiful. It’s really the truth. It’s so brand-new and shiny and bright blue – I mean it should look like that […]

On the trail of Ft. Tilden beach.