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Month: February, 2013


Clairol outtakes from a two day shoot this past week.  Fantastic client, love shooting portraits AND reportage’ (my favorite.)


This really is my favorite photo I’ve taken this year. I have written before about resonance and how, when you take a photo you’re feeding something back to yourself.  At best it’s something you love.  I could write a few paragraphs about why I love this so much but I don’t want to suck the […]

Torah Bright at Fashion Week.

Australian snowboarder and gold medalist Torah Bright is truly effervescent.  Photographed here for Diet Coke at the Red Dress event, which kicks off this year’s Fashion Week in NYC – I rarely melt but she’s a real ray of sun. Talented ray of sun.

PREVIEW – a week with Arthur Tress.

I’m deep in the middle of sorting through all of the work from my week with Arthur Tress.  Late night photo edits, communication with seals and some magic hour Thai Chi.  I also interviewed him about his latest project and asked him to read a very revealing recent journal entry. Once this is tightened up […]