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Month: April, 2014

Back to clubland NYC, assignment.

After more than a fifteen year hiatus, a recent assignment sent me back to clubland (in its current state) here in NYC.  Years ago my nighttime job was the solo house photographer for Twilo, the world famous nightclub, huge in the late nineties. The club had a good run until Mayor Giuliani started an anti-dance crackdown […]

Duane Michals, not James Franco.

New York City’s Pace Gallery opened a show on April 11 of James Franco’s work in which the actor reproduces Cindy Sherman’s most famous body of work Untitled Film Stills, by placing actor James Franco in the photos.  When I read this I was stunned because legendary photographer Duane Michals had done this in 2001 […]

American Outlaws for MAXIM.

My story on American Outlaws, American soccer (football? soccer?  depends on the reader… ) is out now and up on Maxim.com Nothing like a fan who’s all-in on a Saturday afternoon in midtown.  The chap above needed no coercion.  He just did that, much to my delight.

1995 Electronic Music NYC – SOLD OUT.

My book sold out this past weekend, hope you got a copy!