New work update – photo books.

by Tim Soter

I’ve been working on making more photography books.

First up, a book pairing photos of my maternal grandfather and myself.  Bill “Pop” Ewing was a Philadelphia mummer his whole life and I inherited a collection of photos, years of costumes that he wore.  I’ll be pairing photos of myself over the years wearing different costumes and improvised outfits.  I’ve realized somewhat recently that he might be the relative that I’m closest too philosophically.  He lived a funny life, a raconteur of wit and humor.  Just started pulling this together but shouldn’t be the same long time line as the photo-biographies that I’ve been doing.  Speaking of…

I’ve been wrapping up work on ForTress, a book about photographer Arthur Tress.  It’s been more than two years since I started laying out and working on this book but it took that amount of time to get it to where it is.  Painting on photographs has been very liberating and I needed a book that reflected the free-thinking creative nature that Arthur embodies.