by Tim Soter

This past week I flew to Missouri to do an editorial assignment on the ARMY.  I have no connection to the military whatsoever and went in with some trepidation; I was visiting an institute that I assumed would haze the writer and I – a couple of outsiders.  Instead I was treated with an incredible amount of hospitality and received some real insight into the social welfare that the ARMY provides.  I realized during a nighttime training exercise that the enlisted, some of them coming from broken homes or poor neighborhoods were not only being readied for combat but were also earning confidence, developing social skills and realizing camaraderie – some perhaps for the first time.  It was endearing and at the same time significant, knowing that a lot if not all of the young men and women I observed would see combat.

I’m not offering up any new revelation, just the revelation I had.

Many thanks to Captain Loyd for my new Winter jacket, pictured below.