Back to clubland NYC, assignment.

by Tim Soter

After more than a fifteen year hiatus, a recent assignment sent me back to clubland (in its current state) here in NYC.  Years ago my nighttime job was the solo house photographer for Twilo, the world famous nightclub, huge in the late nineties. The club had a good run until Mayor Giuliani started an anti-dance crackdown (truly, as ridiculous as it seems.)  It didn’t help that the club had its own nefarious goings on near the end.  The height of its infamy was being blasted on the cover of the NYPost when it was discovered that the club employed its own ambulance service, presumably to hustle OD’d kids out the back door.  A lot has changed.

ABOVE: Club Cielo’s monday night party, Deep Space.

BELOW:  Some atmospheric shots from the heyday of Twilo.