Brian Vickers, shot for MAXIM Part II

by Tim Soter

I got an email on Christmas Eve from Director of Photography, Toby Kaufmann asking me if I’d like to go to the Bahamas on New Year’s day.  Who would say no to starting off the year like that.  My passport had JUST expired a month before so I ended up coming back from holidays in PA early, barely missing an incredible snowstorm, just to ensure that I could get a rush passport renewal.   Cost of expediting it in time to get there… $490.  Renew yours now.

Arrived at the Wyndham hotel, checked in and grabbed a drink and a note pad.  I paced alone on the beach, jotting down a list of ideas and scenarios for the shoot based on the environments I had seen on the cab ride in.  Met up with Brian the next day and told him “Hey, they’d like it if you were golfing or on a jet ski… something active.”  He didn’t care for the jet ski idea, but how about golfing?  I said it might read visually as kind of dull, but he calmed me down… “We’ve been thinking about that.”

Next thing I knew we were ripping up a swatch of sod and dragging the clubs on to the stern of a yacht.  (See PREVIOUS POST.)

The rest of the day saw Brain act as dutiful host to beautiful women and important men, all while having a blast himself.  At the end of the day he drove me back to my hotel, doing 60 on roads marked 15 mph.  And then it was back to snowy NYC.