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Some triptychs.

A few triptychs for today, found a stack of 4×6 mini-prints from the past.

New work update – photo books.

I’ve been working on making more photography books. First up, a book pairing photos of my maternal grandfather and myself.  Bill “Pop” Ewing was a Philadelphia mummer his whole life and I inherited a collection of photos, years of costumes that he wore.  I’ll be pairing photos of myself over the years wearing different costumes […]

SOUL SUMMIT 2017 at Ft. Green park, Brooklyn, NY

Soul Summit Music is a DJ collective known for it’s free, soulful house music events in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn on Sunday afternoons, during the summer.

Pride 2017


Sam Gross, New York cartoonist

Recently I was at a lecture at the New York Comic & Picture Symposium at The New School – small gathering, fifteen attendees at most. Waiting for it to begin I eavesdropped on a conversation near me, hearing a man introduce himself as Sam Gross. That name sounded familiar. A quick Google image search brought […]

Olga eats a banana.

Carlisle can jump!

Peter Dorosch for Village Voice

“This bird doesn’t follow a regular clock,” Dorosh said. “He’s acting like a devilish teenager.” Read the full story in Village Voice.

Two images selected for American Photography 33

Happy to be included in the American Photography 33 book this year with an image selected from a story I shot for Refinery 29.  The piece, titled, “How Going From a Woman to a Man Changed My Perspective” let’s Sal tell his transformation story.  It was a real pleasure meeting Sal who was extremely easy going […]

The reason for making art and possibly for simply “being.”

When I was out to dinner with Duane Michals one night a few years ago, I told him that I was really getting to the point where I was questioning why I should make photographs at all, considering that there were millions of photographs being created each day. “Why should I continue to add to […]