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Walking photos : Harlem

Creative mystery, writing and reading.

There are days when my the creative side of my brain has been really relaxed and and I’ve wandered around making photographs and being really connected to the day. But the following day when I looked at the photos, it’s like they were written in another language. Today is one of those days, I just didn’t […]

Two signatures, five years apart.

Some good press for the book – “TIM! GO AWAY!”

Read about the book and see some new preview pages  HERE!  

TheShipEscaped is open for business!

The Ship Escaped is a place where you can browse and/or buy a book, print or some interesting ephemera of mine.   Do have a look!  www.TheShipEscaped.com  

Not a total bust.

McGolrick Park tree.

DJ Scud, visiting from the UK.

Self-portrait, 2011-2015 (possibly longer)

“Fumetti” book preview.

Just a few pages from the book.  CLICK ‘EM to see them bigger. This book is 12 x 12″ Hardcover, printed on #100 weight matte paper.  Because the printing is so fantastic and the paper weight so heavy, each page looks like a bound print. Some text from the book: “Fumetti” is an Italian word […]