Ft. Myers, Florida.

by Tim Soter

ABOVE:  A tribute to David Cronenberg, shot on a recent vacation to Florida.  By sheer coincidence I re-watched ‘Shivers’ a week before I left – an early Cronenberg classic that takes place in a solitary high rise on an island in Canada, where all or the residents, from children to the elderly, suffer psychosexual affects after being infected by a shared parasite.  If this sounds intriguing (and it should) you need to set aside a night to screen ‘Shivers.’ After shooting Vampire Weekend a few years ago I passed along a present to the band, a DVD of ‘Scanners’ another Cronenberg gem.  After a Bowery Ballroom show I saw singer Ezra and he offered that, even though it was a little dated (1981) it was indeed pretty heavy.  I’m always eager to pass along the Cronenberg parasite.

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