NEW book at Cafe’ Royal Press!

by Tim Soter

VERY excited to have a book published and released today at Cafe’ Royal Press!

Limited to 150 numbered copies, you can order them here while they’re still available.

All work I shot in 1995, the book contains a forward describing the importance of a fun era – the last time New York City would be word-of-mouth, you-had-to-be-there, pre-digital city.  Subcultures and countercultures existed and thrived late at night in spaces that are now high end clothing boutiques.  At many of these events I was often fortunate enough to be the only person with a recording device of any kind.  Compare that to today, where it would be the complete opposite!

EXCERPT from book forward:

“You would see people perform who would never perform again, they were just trying things out.  They weren’t looking for success.  There were areas of the city that were still to be gentrified, and even an ex-student could move to NYC, grab a low paying job and live.

There wasn’t a camera in every pocket, there was a subway token, a little weed and five dollars for the door.  Maybe a friend would spot you a beer.  Nothing was viral other than that mono you caught off of sharing a blunt.”

Companion lecture coming soon, stay tuned!

See more of the work HERE!