Philip Seymour Hoffman for Time Out New York, 2007.

by Tim Soter

I shot Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Time Out New York back in 2007 for a play he starred in at the Public Theater – ‘Jack Goes Boating.

From the Times review:  “The play’s most transporting scene involves Jack, alone on the stage, drawing on a bong and talking his way through directions for preparing pork chops and potatoes au gratin.. ”  Photo Editor, Courtney Kendall sent me in to shoot him and the cast preparing pork chops in the basement of the theater in their tiny kitchen.

He rolled in late, kept his raggedy hat on the whole time and in my memory, didn’t really look at me, even as I pleaded “Phil, Phil… ”  I was happy going back to these to see my memory was clouded, he looks pretty happy and there was way more eye contact that I had remembered.  I pretty good early job to cut my teeth on.

What can I say that others haven’t.  It really hit me, not because I had met him this one brief time, but because I love films and he was absolutely irreplaceable.  It’s as if a 100 year old tree has fallen – it will take a long time to replace.