by Tim Soter

“Hey… can I talk to you about your colon!?!??”

Perhaps you’ve seen this commercial in the past few months, I shot the print ad version for BBDO.  Marge (pictured above, name not changed to protect the innocent) must have repeated that line maybe… 150 times during the ten hour day.  I was shooting in between takes, for little two or three minute bursts, immediatley retreating after hearing the bark of “Alright, we’re rolling!”  That’s the way I like it though; I’m used to it after having my share of curt editorial shoots.  I literally had nine seconds to shoot a portrait of Daft Punk, but I’ll save that story for another post.

Marge was fantastic, I ended up shooting some quick headshots for her when we had a moment, she never lost steam and we had a shared sense of humor.  Once again, another shoot that was great due to the cooperation of everyone involved; diector, producers, etc.

Below is a screen shot of the TV ad.