Shape Up NYC campaign, now in 200 subway stations.

by Tim Soter

My environmental still life for the Shape Up NYC campaign is out now and in a subway station near you!  Once you see one, you’ll see it everywhere.  “Shape Up NYC offers free fitness classes every week at dozens of locations across the five boroughs.”  Free, no city gym membership required.

I scouted a lot of city gyms to find the right locker before settling in at Asser Levy on 23rd street.  Good news… it’s right near Essa Bagel – best bagel in the city.  Bad news… eating that bagel in a locker room full of naked men.  Nothing against my fellow man, just no place for an impromptu cafeteria.

Compliments to talented designer Libby VanderPloeg for replicating a NY prescription pad and providing “legible doctor’s handwriting” upon request.  Ryan Dausch; friend and digital tech, thanks as well..

It’s been said that every photo is a self-portrait; I managed to sneak in my signature Saucony© sneakers in the shot.

See it now before they’re all tagged.