by Tim Soter

This is a photo composite of mine that the Clean, a long standing, well respected band from New Zealand, are using for their press.   I shot it two years ago, when I managed to see them perform five days in one week –  the best performance perhaps being an inadvertent private show, when I made the above photo as they warmed up for a few hours, running through songs that would be played for their three night stand at Cakeshop.  David Kilgour (right) politely asked me at one point, “Uh… Tim?  Would you mind not getting so close when you shoot?”  I put my camera down, grateful that I had what I needed. (I needed to be physically close with my wide lens in order to get the head to toe shots that I wanted.)  I stopped and just listened.  And had a midday beer.  A complete treat.

If you’re not familiar with the music of the Clean, Interview magazine has an interview with David and perhaps most importantly, a track from their new album, ‘Mister Pop.’  Read and listen here.