The reason for making art and possibly for simply “being.”

by Tim Soter

When I was out to dinner with Duane Michals one night a few years ago, I told him that I was really getting to the point where I was questioning why I should make photographs at all, considering that there were millions of photographs being created each day. “Why should I continue to add to that?’ I wondered. If it was just because the world didn’t have any “Tim Soter” photographs that justification wasn’t enough, it was just my ego. And then I confessed to having wondered what the point was of doing anything at all. I wasn’t depressed necessarily, I just was having a hard time seeing what my contribution might be in the connected digital world we live in now, having spent my creative start in the analog world.

Without hesitating he offered, “The significance is in the doing and the expression is the reward.” It didn’t come out as rehearsed and he said it as a scholar might announce something he had proven awhile back. “All we have is the doing, the act itself… “ Duane said and he reinforced the advice that he’s given out to so many. It hasn’t been done until it’s been done by you. “If you want to take photos of nudes but you don’t do it because you think ‘Helmut Newton has already done this or somebody else’ it really hasn’t been done until you’ve done it…“ “You are the event in the history of the universe, it hasn’t been done until it’s been done by you.” “And the expression is the reward.” he repeated. “The reward is you got to express yourself!’ The idea has been shared.


And I had to agree… that was it.