Wall Street Journal … Louis XIII event.

by Tim Soter

I just shot an event, a cognac tasting and dinner for Wall Street Journal.  Allow me to say I love shooting events!  People are well aware that part of the reason they’re there is to be photographed.  No one cares that I’m the fly on the wall who’s strobe occasionally goes off and it gives me a chance to try and make an award worthy photo under the circumstances.  It’s reportage’ and I treat it as such.  I love the challenge of trying to get the one shot that will sum up the evening.  I love not knowing what the light is going to be like when I get there or how highly reflective (incredibly sometimes) the space will be.  It’s a hustle and a personal challenge, I shot an accidental crop that made me think of Jessica Craig-Martin’s work.  I like to think of what Martin Parr or Jeff Mermelstein or Mark Peterson would do in the same situation.

Plus, how many jobs end with a glass or two of Louis XIII Remy Martin cognac that’s been aged for a century?

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