Wonderful Machine – Starbucks write up!

by Tim Soter

Go read about what it was like to work with two great big clients, BBDO and Starbucks!

A quick excerpt…

‘Because there were so many people on the line I missed it when someone said, “Tim, why don’t you tell us how you plan to shoot this.”  After ten long seconds of silence, I asked, “Oh, did you ask me to start?” I apologized and told them that these photos weren’t going to look like they were shot in studio—instead, it would be like we found a shoebox of the subject’s snapshots, picked the one that represented their absolute best day and stuck it right in the campaign.”  More silence until finally they responded, “Looks like we picked the right photographer.”  It was one of the best moments of my career.’

Thanks to Maria at Wonderful Machine for the write up!